Thursday, April 10, 2008

April 10th - Miami

We are still in Miami, where Floyd was flown on Tuesday evening. We have not seen Floyd yet this morning. The visiting hours are limited to the afternoon and a couple of hours in the evenings. We are expecting to talk to Floyd's main attending neurosurgeon this afternoon.

As of 11:30 a.m. EDT, Floyd remains in a coma, in serious but stable condition at Jackson Hospital in Miami. He suffered a stroke, and then had the complication of bleeding into the brain. His vital signs remain good, but his condition has not otherwise changed since yesterday. We are in a watching and waiting mode to see whether he wakes up from the coma, and if he does, what affect the stroke has had on him.

Please do not send any flowers to Jackson Hospital, nor cards or anything else as they are not allowed in the NSICU. If you'd like, please add your comments, whether for Floyd or for Ginger, Mike and their family. We will print them and read them aloud to Floyd.

Mike and Ginger are exhausted. Both of them slept poorly overnight and are now napping. It would be very helpful to limit phone calls to Ginger or Mike as having to replay the events of the past few days is very distressing to both of them. But we know that many people love and care about Floyd and we want to keep everyone involved, so we have started this site.

We ask for and welcome your prayers.

- Kathleen