Monday, April 21, 2008

Funeral - Tuesday April 22nd

Floyd's friends and family took part in a Catholic funeral and mass at St. Anthony Parish, 2320 N. Cedar, Spokane at 10 a.m. on April 22, 2008, followed by a military ceremony at Holy Cross cemetery, 7200 N. Wall St., at 11:30 a.m.

It was a beautiful day in Spokane and so many wonderful people turned out.

Father "Joe" spoke about Floyd's life of 45 years with his wife, Betty and their four children. Gene, Teresa, and Mike were present. He talked about his travels through England, Alaska, Florida, Montana, and finally Spokane. He mentioned additional travels to Wales and Australia with second wife.

I was asked to speak, but found it almost impossible to do so. Sitting in the pew next to the casket that contained my father was emotionally overwhelming. I tried to speak of his love of people, and how he brought everyone together almost always over a beer. He also loved baseball. He was a true believer and truely loved everyone, never putting himself first. As I tried to say through my tears, he was also my best friend and I always wanted to grow up to be just like him.

Teresa spoke about a story where she and Gene, as teenagers, were vying for his 1964 Impala. One day my dad took them both outside, introduced them to a family of a young GI, his wife, and two small children, and said he was giving the car to them because they needed it. She broke down in tears as she finished.

Gene spoke about how "Dad" would have hated this ceremony. He loved to laugh and bring smiles and not have people be sad. Sadness was not what he was about, he was always an optimist and upbeat.

His last wife, Virgina, smiled ear to ear as she spoke about her time singing in the sweet adeline's chorus. She mentioned her travels all over the world to exotic places. She said Floyd went along with her and that he was "ornery." Only she knew this bitter truth, she explained, "because I had to live with him for 13 years and his kids didn't!"

At Holy Cross Cemetary, an honor gaurd played TAPS, and fired three volleys into the air, as the flag was lifted from his coffin and folded. It was a remarkable ceremony.

After cremation, Floyd will be placed next to his wife of 45 years, Betty Klozar, at Holy Cross Cemetary.

Donations to fund a new playfield named in Floyd's honor are planned. Also a baseball or softball scholorship may also be offered.